Plugin UIs eating keystrokes?

Does anyone know what’s going on with plugin UIs eating keystrokes when they’re the frontmost window? Is this a N5 problem or do I need to complain to the plugin manufacturers? In particular I notice that all Native Instruments plugs and Soundtoys plugs eat the spacebar. You can’t control the transport when they’re in front. It’s really, really annoying.

Who do I report this to?



it’s a focus issue – a moderately annoying one.

the opposite also happens: if you try to name a k4 multi the t key will often not register in k4 but toggle the external sync.

There was a problem like this years ago, in N2 I think. It was resolved by SB putting an option somewhere in the prefs (sorry not in front of studio computer now) with something like “Disable key commands to plug-ins”

I wonder if that’s been changed in N5?

Can’t seem to find a pref like that. I’ll try complaining to the plugin manufacturers and see where they point the finger.

I just had a similar problem with VirSyn Reflect in Nuendo 5. It was not possible for me to correctly name my own presets.

Another similar issue appears within Nuendo: After working in Nuendo´s Surroundpanner, any keystrokes with modifier alt+shift+ctrl doesn´t work. You have to click into the edit-window before, although the edit-window has not been inactive.


How do we get this class of bugs on Steinberg’s radar? They might seem like small issues, but they end up being big workflow killers.

This casual bug reporting method is really frustrating. You find these things, they’re real, you take the time to type them up in the forum and then it goes into a black hole. I know it’s not possible for Steinberg to commit to fixing anything, but there would be a lot more incentive for users to report issues if they acknowledged that they had actually received the issues. It seems like this input must be valuable to SB and yet they don’t cultivate it.

And I gotta say, from where I’m sitting, Nuendo has a lot more of these little UI bugs and inconsistencies than its competition.