Plugin works as clip and master effect but not track effect

Today I created a large montage with an instance of Melda Production’s “MDynamic EQ” on every clip (my “go to” EQ that I use on almost everything).

It worked perfectly.

But then this evening I created another montage with MDynamic plugin loaded as a Track effect. All the plugin controls worked fine and it looked good BUT the instant I hit the play button WL8 locked up. I tried it several more times with the same result.

I then loaded MDynamic as a Master effect and it worked perfectly there too.

So, this plugin works as 1) a Clip effect and 2) as a Master effect but NOT as a Track effect. Why? This doesn’t make any sense.

Is this another WL8 bug or there a reason for it by design?

(WL8.0.2 on Win7 SP1)

There is no known issue using plugins in montage tracks.
I have the Melda Dynamics plugin here (demo version), and no problem using it as you do.
Try to narrow down the problem…

I have tried this on two different computer systems - with no other plugins loaded - and they both do the same thing.

But you say it works on your setup. Are you on MAC or PC? Seems most of the issues are with PC users.

Can you please post a screenshot of MDynamic EQ loaded as a montage TRACK effect, playback running - on a Windows7 PC?

Note: I use the VST-3 version. I am in Windows 8.

Thank you for the screenshot but you didn’t demo what I reported.

  1. The plugin is “MDynamic EQ” not MDynamic
  2. The version I am using is VST2.4 (I did not know this plug was available as VST3, both should work but will try it)
  3. I’m on Win7

Please try THAT combination and see if it behaves as I reported above. There’s something wrong here and I don’t think it’s the plugin - it works perfectly everywhere else - even in WL8 Master Section and Clip slots.

OK, I just tried the VST3 version of MDynamic EQ in the Track effects slot and it works.

So, it seems there is a problem with this VST2 plugin (and maybe others) in the Track effects and Track Master effect slots. It works properly everywhere else.