plugins always on top pref doesn't work

I’ve disabled preference “plugins always on top” and restarted Nuendo (5.5) but plugins still come up with “always on top”.

It seems the plugin GUI “always on top” may be over riding the preference. Is this the case?

I do think so.
The preference enables the always on top for all plugins, the individual always on top preference works for each independant plugin.
Unless I am mistaking …


Hmm… I don’t mind the existing logic, but wish there was a “reset” so all plugins would default to “always on top” DISABLED.

Does anyone know if there is a preference file that can be deleted in order to “reset” the plugin window "memory (always on top state, position on screen, etc)?


Sometimes this does seem to be down to the plugin.
As an example, Slate Digital VCC sometimes stays on top of the mixer, sometimes it does not - and this is in the same project (with plugin editors not set to AOT).
It varies, it really does.