Plugins and Cubase 12

I have had to reinstall everything windows 11 and back to cubase 11.
Cubase 12 has caused me no end of problems and am waiting for a positive update before i reload or try to reload Cubase 12
There are fixes being worked on, so i will wait as i am not into beta testing.
My machine is running fast as ever since the re-install even with Cubase 11 running.
What would the best recommedation be —
Microsoft Edge, Firefox etc. I usually use Firefox for downloads that is all as i have another compter for main Internet

Now the thing is what does Cubase 12 not like with Vst
I am running
Arturia 8
Korg Colection
Ozone package
Sample Robot
Sampletank 4 and Sytronic
Klanghelm VU meter
Sonarworks REF 4 Speakers & Headphones
Melda Drum
Additive Drum 2

Apart from that i run midi programs for the Yamaha Genos
Midiworks, Stylemagic.
Yamaha Expansion Manager

So my question now is
Do i trust Hornet plugins as i hape a Tape plugin and a couple of others and they are not expensive
That is about everything in my setup apart from a Focusrite 6i6 and Focal Alpa monitors and a cc121 controller
Is there any plugins to keep away from as i have not yet loaded Wave and Softube plugins yet as some people have complained about them.??
I would like to get Cubase 12 up and running , but i do not want any more ghastly problems with it as Cubase 11 runs like a dream


All the Best