plugins and vst's wont stay on top

I’m having an issue with my plugin windows dissapearing when i open anything over the top of cubase.

In preferences, under VST i have checked “plugin editors always on TOP”

again, my issue is, if i have any kind of VST or plugin open and up front, and i want to click on anything from a folder or the snipping tool WITHOUT MINIMIZING cubase but on top of it, everything but the track window vanishes into the background

every version of cubase ive ever installed does this by default and i want to turn it off. Ive attached an image just incase theres any confusion.

as you can see i have a folder open over the top of cubase, the tracking window is visible, but my VST and tape simulator vanish into the background. if i were to minimize the folder, they would just pop back to the forefront where i have them organized on my screen. this is really annoying when you want to take a screenshot or view settings and and compare with an image or video in your browser for example

image attached

just wanted to add that my transport bar does the same thing

one other thing i also have the “always on top” option checked in all of the actual vst windiws in addition to having the plugins stays on top option in preferences checked

this is why im confused it’s checked in two separate places lol

Tis is possibly because you have the mixer ticked to always on top and that takes priority over plugins. Also the same if you have monitor 1 or 2 ticked. I usually have all three unticked unless I specifically am working with the mixer. Basically with it unticked you can run it across both monitors and have efx gui’s floating on top. A simple right hand click on the mixer and you can set it on top or behind. I find it quite useful.

Hi there, i am not sure where the option to check the mixer as always on top. i looked in preferences and around the window itself am i missing something

Right click on the mixer and a small window will appear with the options. The thing is you want to untick all the options and this will allow the efx and vsti’s to float on top.
However I think I may have misunderstood you on the main point of external folders. All floating windows disappear when you go to the desktop - which is essentially where the folder you are talking about lives. As far as I know there is nothing that can be done about this.