Plugins are blocked when using Cubase 12 in M1 native mode


I have emailed and contacted the plugin developers and no luck… so I am trying my luck here…

When I start Cubase 12 in M1 native mode, it blocks most of my VST plugins.
When I run Cubase 12 in Rosetta compatible mode, it is not blocked anymore.

All the plugins have support or have been developed for the new M1 Mac chip.

I upgraded to a Macbook Pro M1 Max and know that all my plugins are compatible with the M1 architecture.

I would greatly appreciate your help with this as none of the plugin developers can replicate an issue like this.

I installed Cubase 12 as normal on the Mac from scratch, activated successfully and installed the plugins.
The moment I open Cubase, it blocks most of the plugins, then I need to open it in Rosetta2 compatible mode for it to work.

Version of Cubase:

  • 12.0.30 - Built on May 30 2022

Macbook Pro Specs:

  • MacOS: 12.4 (21F79)
  • Macbook Pro (16-inch 2021)
  • Chip: Apple M1 Max
  • Memory: 32GB

Here is a screenshot if that helps…
Here is the proof that the plugins are blocked when running native M1 Cubase 12:

I appreciate your assistance as I am at my wits-end and want to run Cubase 12 in native M1 mode with all my plugins.

Kind regards.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Make sure the plug-ins are up to date, please. Most probably the plug-ins are not M1 native ready.


I have made sure that all plugins are updated and are M1.

This is the issue. Many other M1 plugins are not blocked, but all the ones in the list is blocked even though they are M1 plugins.

This is the frustration.

From the list I guess your plugins are T-RackS from IK Multimedia, right?

If that is the case then you need to talk to the vendor, because they seem not to support M1 at the moment. The specs on the vendor page list it as Intel only and that means you need to run Rosetta mode.

This is the same for all plugins you have, they need to be converted from Intel to M1 before you can use them natively. The comment column in your screenshot shows the reason “Unsupported Architecture”.

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It is not just T-racks. Neural DsP and Positive Grid Biad FX2 and other plugins that have been converted to M1.

I just took one of the plugins from your screenshot and that clearly shows you are not using M1 (Unsupported Architecture). So either you do not have the correct plugins installed, or they are really not built as M1.

As I said, the website for T5 has no mention of M1, just Intel.

I had a look at the Neural Website and they say that they do not recommend to switch to Apple Silicon, because it is not ready.

So again, you need to run in Rosetta mode, because your plugins are not migrated to Apple Silicon.

One thing to not get tricked on is some manufacturers will say M1 Compatible but they don’t mean Apple Silicon Native. Instead, they just mean they will run fine under Rosetta.

Ok cool. Thanks.
Then I’ll just gave to run Cubase in Rosetta mode till all of the plugins are updated. yey.
I appreciate the help and feedback.