Plugins behave differently when editing multiple instances with Q-Link

I recently found out that you can actually edit multiple plugin instances on different track at the same time with Q-LINK (provided they’re in the same plugin slot). Absolutely useful feature for e.g. tape emulations that don’t offer group editing.
Now what I found out is that with some plugins that simply doesn’t work correctly or at all. Kazrog’s True Iron just ignores any attempt at multi editing, any knob movements affect only the current opened instance.
Unless… I switch to the generic editor. From that the Q-Link editing just works, but then you have to deal with Cubase’s horrible generic editor (nearly useless!).
Other plugins (e.g. Klanghelm SDRR) work partially, some controls get “transfered” to the other instances, some not.

I guess this would probably a question for a plugin dev, but maybe someone here knows…


I would say this is question for the plug-ins developers.