Plugins behave inconsistently on different sample rates

I reported this long ago in the old forum, for Cubase 5. Unfortunately the problem persists.

It only seems to happen to MOST of Steinberg’s plugins (Except plugins from other developers like Monologue, which is not affected), but I think it’s pretty worrying.

Some plugins behave inconsistently on different sample rates. For example, Halion 3, or Halion Sonic, have different LFO speeds with different sample rates. The plugin may tell you that the LFO is synced to 1/4 of the tempo, but this is only true for 44100 hz, at 96000 hz the speed is doubled. Moreover, most of Steinberg plugins have this wrong behavior with envelope speeds and other parameters (Groove Agent One for example).

As I said, this is pretty worrying to me, since I’m locked to 44100 hz if I want to be sure that Steinberg plugins work as intended. Probably they won’t work well at 48000 hz either. I recall some filters being affected too by this problem.

What’s the use of having up to 192000hz support in Cubase 6 if most of its plugins can’t behave properly at more than 44100hz?


Seems that I’m the only affected by this :open_mouth:

Most projects I am on are at 96kHz. I never noticed anything odd about steinberg’s plugs on my machine. I typically don’t use VSTi at this sample rate.