Plugins blocked, can´t get them working

EDIT: You have to open Cubase in “Rosetta mode” to get the plugins working in Cubase, unlike using Ableton or Logic, where the very same plugins just work without wasting an hour trying to figure this out.

So I wanted to try Cubase 13 Pro, mostly due to the drum editor. Installing went smooth. However 50 % of my (legit) plugins are blocked. Reactivation doesn´t work. Asks me to contact the vendors. Tried rescanning etc. Nothing works.

What a complete disaster by Steinberg. It´s like inviting a potential customer over to check out their property, but once you set your foot inside, they tell you to f off. Unbelievable.

Any suggestions before I remove everything?

I´m on Mac Monterey 12.6. Everything works super in both Logic and Ableton.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Cubase doesn’t support the old VST2 plug-ins in the Native mode on Mac. This is a known and many times discussed limitation (also mentioned at multiple places).

You should ask the plug-ins developers to switch to the current VST3 standard.

Same as they don’t write applications for the old Windows 95 system, there is no reason to write a plug-in for the old VST2 standard.