Plugins combos (subchains)

It’d be nice to have an option for plugin combo insert (with saved settings, like a subchain). We have whole chains, but sometimes you want to add the same two or three plugins without resetting changes you made to existing chain.

For example I decided to add the same 3 plugins to all my vocal tracks (20 of them). Adding them manually was a a good 10min process. If I had subchains, it’d be less than a minute?

did you try to add FX to your 20 vocal tracks by quick-linking them?
It should be a matter of less than a minute …

No. It’s a workaround, sure, clumsy a bit, I think I tried that feature long ago but didn’t find it useful, it was a bit fussy in execution or something, I don’t remember why I didn’t like it (you forget to unlink and then any plugin you add to one tracks ends up being on another without you knowing?).

If I insert a combo it’d be in specific place in the chain in each particular track (could be between 3 and 4th plugins in one track and 6th and 7th in another). I don’t think links achieves the same goal, especially if you have a subchain of 5-10 plugins… or different combos.

Bottom line, subchains would be extremely useful. I’m surprised nobody cares.

Well, links don’t have to be permanent. Alt+Shft selected tracks temporarily links them to do whatever you like to those tracks and not forgetting to unlink them afterwards. And you can insert FX, Sends to the slot(s) you’d like.

That wouldn’t work indeed. They’d all be on the same row.