Plugins forget QC assignments?

Hi all,
Cubase 12 last update on Windows 10

I open the QC assignment menu on top of a plugin, then press the “L” and assign the parameters to the 8 Quick Controls [new midi remote], but it seems that the plugins are forgetting the assignments after closing/opening the project

Is this behavior as expected?
I don’t so…

Or should I “save the assignments” somewhere?

I also use to “delete all assignments” on plugins that I don’t wanna use with QC, to not risk to change parameters by error. So that’s a double problem for me

Thanks for the attention

Hi, do you unlock the "L"earn after finishing the assignments?

Is this behavior as expected?
I don’t so…

I couldn’t find anything in the Cubase 12 manual that explicitly states the behavior. I suppose what is expected can only be described by Steinberg, but that is my expectation, after my tepid investigation.

My experience, is that QC assignments made to an instance of a plugin are retained after project save/reopen. However, new plugin instantiation does not use assignments made to a prior instance. The new instance seems to use some default QC parameter assignments, or perhaps what the plugin reports as preferred QC assignments.

I too, would prefer to have my own default QC assignments on a per-plugin basis. I have used Quick Control and track presets to implement this, though I haven’t yet developed a workflow that’s completely satisfying.

In the past (recently upgraded from Cubase 10.5), I think I had also used the Generic Remote to create my own default QC assignments, though I think that may be deprecated functionality in the context of MIDI Remote, and I don’t remember much of my experience with that.

Hi, do you unlock the "L"earn after finishing the assignments?

While I’m not the OP, my descriptions above do include disabling the ‘learn mode’ button after making QC assignments.

Windows 10 Home 22H2
Cubase 12.0.60
MOTU 8pre-es

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I obviously “unlock” the L at when done

thanks Dave, same for me searching the Manual

After reading your experience I have to make some tests to check what happens. I admit that I noticed this problem lately with UAD plugins (both Sparks or old system), but didnt check if its happening with Cubase’s stock or other, because I mainly control these other ways

If I am not wrong, I can confirm that Arturia’s synths and Access Virus TI does remmeber the assignments

Anyway I will report soon more

Hope other users can write their experience here

Just asked, because initially I was the idiot who didn’t unlock learn :joy:

Anyway, made some testing here with two stock plugins and three third-part ones.

Here’s how the testing goes:

We create an instrument track with a plugin. Open QC, Learn, alter some controls. Everything is ok.

Now we create a new project, insert an instrument track with the same plugin. The FQC controls previously learnt are there as expected (they don’t default to something else).

We close Cubase and reopen.

Again, new project, same plugin, the FQCs are there, no problem at all.

And finally (and this was very interesting to me), in the same project we add another instrument track with the same plugin. And in this track we alter the FQCs again. Here’s what happens: The previous track remembers the FQCs we learnt in it! In the new track, it has the new FQCs.
Now, if we create a new project and insert this plugin, the FQCs are the very last ones we learnt.

I think this behaviour is to be expected, except if you’re searching for a way to alter the FQCs for older projects as well. In this case I think that the way to go is to alter the remote editor’s Quick Controls and not the Focused ones (FQCs). Just reminding that these are two different objects.

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Thank you so much for your tests!
I can confirm that the behaviour is the same on mine

I tested plugins stock, UAD Spark and UAD dsp

But now I can tell: after a crash the assignments are forgotten! And unfortunately I have pretty regular crashes and freeze with Cubase 12

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Thanks @ mchantzi for your comments, which were helpful to me as well.

My existing tests and investigations were not using MIDI Remote, which I had just begun to explore. I’m now trying to get my (focus, track, instrument) QCs setup properly in MIDI Remote context, though there are are a few things I still don’t quite understand.

If I need further help, I’ll reply again here or start a new topic depending on my needs.

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