PLUGINS: Generic Editor - Reorder Parameters

The generic view is absolutely brilliant for driving with your ears; however, I would like to have them able to all be laid out same height and with the correct order so I can have a strip of plugins in a eg 2*3 grid with all the single or dual knob parameters.
Ultimately when a strip is setup, there are few parameters that repeatedly need to be setup again…so the idea of a 1 or 2 knobs makes it very intuitive and tonally fast so you dont loose perspective

I know you can reorder on the remote editor but this doesnt seem to affect the generic window, could it simply be made so that the generic editor follows the order of the remote editor?



I’m afraid this is not possible.

The plug-in vendor chooses the order. In this order, you would see the parameters on the Mackie Control hardware or any other hardware, which can talk to the plug-in.

Thanks for the reply…
I havent used the controller for a while but im 99% sure that when i edited the generic remote ie for the handful of controllers and reordered, the mackie reported those changes (i use a virtual lcd)…but thats not the issue
Its trying to get a simple interface to the plugs using the actual generic remote ui


What about to use the Remote Control Editor, where you can reorder the parameters?

Sorry if I wasnt clear…thats what I mean
When you use that remote control editor…perfect!
The order in the normal small plain GUI with sliders does not change…Im not on that machine atm…


I was thinking, you are talking about the Switch to Generic Editor, as you were refering to:

I think, we understnd each others, now.

You are right. If you change the order in the Remote Control Editor, the order in the Generic Editor remains as it was.

Im back on DAW now

So the idea is that if I was to be able to reorder, I could turn this

into this

But of course the wrong parameters are visible

I really believe there is such a creative liberation when focus and simplicity are muscle memory…
Ive kind of changed what I do and I spend a bit more time on cleanup etc and then with an array or presets that are pretty close, you can dial in 80% of the mix very quickly and not loose the focus which makes for much better art…as you are feeling it and def not driving with your eyes. I just wish there was a better way to condense a channel strip of plugs into a familiar workflow/single entity

I use ableton a lot for other stuff and I do enjoy their ‘config parameters screen’…maybe that is colouring my perception

Hi @Martin.Jirsak
Is it possible to show the same type of interface as the remove editor or could we request that the remote editor simply be able to ‘full scree’ inside the ui (no the scree) to hide all but the actual knobs etc?

Hi @Aurasphere ,

Do I understand your question correct, you want to hide the left and top panel?

No, this is not possible, sorry.

Sorry it was more of a request…driving with ears has become so liberating for me :slight_smile: