Plugins get Re-Arranged in Montage Window


Attached are some screenshots

I checked how the plugins seeem to be displayed after a show/hide or if you minimize the montage window then restore it. Doesn’t matter which ones you use but it seems to be whatever one is in the last Master Section Slot your using is the one that will be displayed first over any others and it will go in that order back to the first one. So if your using 3 plugins it will show Plugin 3 on top of 2 which is on top of 1

Plugin set in my order:
Plugins Arranged in My Order.gif
Plugin after montage window was minimized then restored:
My Custom Montage Window.gif
*Pictures are shown to represent the issue described and do not reflect it’s revelant use with that particular montage


Hi PG,

Any thought on why this shows this way and can this be fixed


I don’t know. This is really a minor issue, isn’t it?

Odd that the name of the plug in the 1st slot on the Master Section has a different name in the two photos…

It’s really odd to you? Look at both pictures same plugin… C-4 is the plugin name and Waves C-4 is also same plugin name and the plugins are exactly the same.

Do I have to upload another to convince you…and Is that your solution to why they are re-arranged???

Here you go
Before Rearrange.gif
After Rearrange.gif
Did you bother to read the post and try yourself. Takes 20 sec. tops to test to either confirm you can duplicate or the plugins always open in the order you have them shown. For me It always shows the plugin in the last slot first if you hide/unhide them.

What is important is the order in the Master Section. The order is, in both your pictures:

  1. Waves C4
  2. ME Loudness
  3. Brickwall Limiter

Whether the plugin windows overlap on each other, in a certain order or another, has no importance, no audio consequence. This overlap order is not part of the Master Section preset.

IOW, I don’t see anything wrong.

Hi PG,

Your right it has no audio consequence but It’s just my preference of what I want to see without having to rearrange them all the time.

If it can’t be easily addressed in a later update then its no big deal. I looked back at previous versions of WL and they all did this

What I really would like to solve is getting the Mastering Edition to install on Windows 7 64bit. I was able to get a couple of plugins to work but only the 1.0 version not the 1.5. Please read my seperate post on this and let me know if this is possible.


Wow… Calm down dude, he only said it was odd, not that you’re a big liar trying to deceive us all… Take some rest :unamused:

Yeah, really… I’m agreeing with ya! Why did the name of the plug in change ? Yes, I know they are the same plug. But why would the name change upon minimizing? Just curious…


Sorry took your previous post the wrong way.

More checking revealed that the C-4 is listed in both legacy plugins and also DirectX plugins. Depending from which list you select it show a slightly different name in plugin slot.

Most of my MS presets have been imported from WL5/6 so it was showing the directX version most of the time but if I was to create a new MS preset I would pick it from the legacy pliugins. So now what I have done is to add only legacy plugins to the favorites lists and only pick from that.

If you also notice that in the orignal posts second picture that says “Waves C4” it has 2 extra bars above the main window compared to the other one that says “C-4” which does not…Kind of weird behavior…You keep looking and you find more of this