Plugins gone after upgrade

Hi. I just upgraded from CB 5.5 to 7. I am in general very satisfied with CB7 but I am missing some plugs. I am aware that are in 32 bit will load through a bridge, and most of my 32 bit plugs shows after the upgrade but a couple will not show at all. I am specially concerned about “Broomstick bass” and “Wizoo convolution reverb”. Yes they are old, not supported anymore, but still match the competitors, and both are preferred by me over newer ones. What is the reason for that “no show” as other evenly old (and even older) plugs shows and loads through the bridge? Broomstick and Wizoo won´t show in CB. They won´t show in VePRo and not in Logic 9 for that matter. However both Broomstick and Wizoo still show in CB5.5 which I have not deleted.

I suppose you have checked your plugin paths in Divices/Plugin information?

Also you might wish to try JBridge - free trial and thereafter very cheap, if all else fails.

I am no expert and I dont know of any upgrade of Cubases’s bridge but it is behiving better with my NI B4 plugin - or is it my imagination?