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When I open a saved session in preset, some plugin’s GUI are cut, and it is no longer possible to edit all parameters.

Mac Pro Early 2008, 2x2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 10GBRAM 800MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM, Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.5
(I use only original softwares)

did any updates, defragmentations or re-installations( or even de-installations)?

Are you using WaveLab in 32-bit mode or 64-bit bit mode? Are you using 10.9 as it says in your signature?

10.9 isn’t officially supported and I would guess you’re in 32-bit mode if using a 2008 machine.

My first guess would be to try 64-bit mode if you can, 2nd guess would be to update to a supported OS.

I’m on 64bit mode and yes, I’m using 10.9.5, ok, thanks for your suggestions

Interesting, my instinct would lean towards 32-bit mode having been the problem over 10.9 even though it’s not supported, but I guess you never know until you try.

Can you explain what you mean by “open a saved session in preset”?

Do you mean that when you first work, the GUI is OK, but when you revisit the session the problem occurs? Are you working in a montage or just an audio file? If montage, where are the plugins inserted (clip/track/montage output/global master section).

Or do you mean that if you save a preset and try to recall the plugin, then you have the issue? If so, do you save the preset in the menu of the plugin, or do you use the VST2 or VST3 menu plugins?

I would also say that if you are using VST3, see if the VST2 version is OK or vise versa.

I use DMG Limitless here often and have never seen a GUI issue.

I’m working on audio file, when I open the plugins for the first time I have no issue, but when I save in the Master Section the plugin chain I used and re-open for further improvement some plugin are unusable because graphic interface is cut. I don’t remember if I used VST 2 o VST 3.

After the latest upgrade Limitless now works perfectly while BlueCatAudio PatchWork is visible only the half below…


If I reload a Master Section Plugin Chain, I open the problematic plugin and I save it again but leaving open the plugin, next time I reload that Master Section Plugin Chain, the problematic plugin will be already open but showed correctly!!!
Thanks a lot to all of you :slight_smile:

Great because I have the same problem!

Rainbox, I just wondered if you mean just the Blue Cat plugin or other plugins you’ve found as well (besides the DMG) (i.e. is it a plugin problem or a Wavelab problem. The DMG fix would seem to indicate a plugin problem, but when you don’t mention the Blue Cat in the Solution I’m unsure). It’s great that you got it to work, but it seems more like a workaround than an actual fix, unless I’m missing something. Also wondered if you told Blue Cat about this.

I have the same issue with plugins from Tokyo Dawn Labs. Slick eq master edition etc
I think is something related with both Wavelab and some plugin brands.
The subject is that the majority of 3nd party plugins work perfect in Wavelab.
In my workflow I have serious issues with TDR, Tritone digital and Slate digital plugins (graphical glitches, freeze, mouse jumbs etc).
I believe that the solution will come if both sides explore these issues.

Rainbox, do you mean a Wavelab upgrade fixed the problem with DMG Limitless, or a Limitless upgrade fixed the problem?

As of right now, Blue Cat says it’s probably a Wavelab problem, saying “Wavelab seems to ignore GUI resize messages” and they wouldn’t know what to do to change their plugin to make it ok, saying it doesn’t happen in any other host, and should probably be fixed by Steinberg.

But if DMG fixed something in their plugin to make it work in Wavelab, that’s something to counter with.

Does that mean anything PG? Are they wrong about Wavelab ignoring resize messages, or does that mean anything at all?

WaveLab does not ignore resize message. Last time I tested, this was for VST-3. I checked this with Waves meter plugins.

Thanks PG. I’ll tell them.

fwiw, Tritone said they use the same coding tools as Slate Digital and that it might be related to the framework they use. They said they’d look into it and try to find a solution if they find anything. Got no response from TDR or Slate, but maybe they’ll reply eventually.

I have the same problem (the vst3 Lurssen from IK,the slate FGX,all the Lindell from alliance ),the mouse freeze or when i click and a new button ,it s the last who work (if i clic and a freq eq and after a gain or the play button,it’s the eq who change…) This plug ,in the vst (2)version dont work .I have a blank gui.I have a lot of another alliance (bx) slate (vim) who work fine.and the Lurssen work in standalone mode
I had the same problem with WL 7 with the same computer
WL 9.025 - OSX 10.11.6 - Mac Pro 2,66 Ghz quad core -NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 512 Mo

I just wondered, have you reported to any of the plugin makers? I reported to Slate, Tritone, and TDR and only heard back from Tritone. But it certainly wouldn’t hurt for them to receive multiple reports, since they’re the ones who’re going to have to check this out, not Steinberg. At least I think that’s how it works.

I already sent a report to TDR few weeks ago.
I’ll go now for Tritone and Slate.

Blue Cat’s response:

Yes it usually does not ignore resize messages (since it works when you change the size of the plug-in once loaded). But it seems that during the load sequence it does, if the GUI is not open. Or maybe they have a cache of the first reported size of the plug-in and ignore subsequent changes? We can provide NFR licenses if they need, but there is not much we can do on our side right now.

Heard back from Slate and TDR (and Tritone earlier), so they’ve all said they’ll check it out. TDR said they’ve confirmed it with Wavelab on Mac, and that it’s possibly because of the JUCE framework they all 3 apparently use, as Tritone alluded to earlier, possibly having an issue with Wavelab on Mac. I don’t notice it at all on Windows.