Plugins included in Nuendo 6

To who is interested, take a look into Plugin reference documentation of Cubase 7 on page

Newly added

  • Brickwall Limiter
  • Anymix Pro
  • DJ-EQ
  • Voxengo CurveEQ
  • Tube Compressor
  • Vintage Compressor
  • MorphFilter


  • MixConvert v6 (new GUI)
  • PostFilter (Spectrum analyzer!!!)

MultiScope is still old ugly one :slight_smile:


thanks for pointing out. Just to be very clear, IOSONO Anymix Pro is exclusively available in Nuendo 6.
One of the most interesting and productive new plug-ins. (PostFilter of course is also still Nuendo-only).


Timo. It is very good news that Cubase 7 and Nuendo 6 finally share documentation and have a lot of common.

Maybe I missed something. What about restoration plugins included in version 5 and missed in 5.5? Mentioned at No DeNoiser for Nuendo 5.5? - Nuendo - Steinberg Forums



AFAIK these are “legacy” plugins that were only licensed by Steinberg. Unfortunately the guys who produced them were sold to some other big fish in the audio pond…for a while…

There was no way for Steinberg to update the plugs and so they never made the jump to 64 bit or intel mac.

To be perfectly honest, the denoiser was not close to the results you can get with RX. It’s sometimes annoying that the computer market moves so quickly.


Ollie, thank you for explanation. This is first time I have heard about it.
I fully agree with you about iZotope RX. Yes I also like RX.

I have been just curious because some sort of basic plugins for quick and dirty cleanup is very helpful :slight_smile:

At least striped version or Restoration plugins included in Wavelab 7 will be very interesting for me - and I think other Freelancers on budget?!

If you have WL you can use the basic version of the Sonnox stuff from WL in Nuendo.

The DuHum/DeBuzz is really good!

Don’t expect magic from the DeNoiser. It’s much better than the old Spectral Design stuff, but also not close to RX2.


I think you’re missing the point, Ollie.
Fairly certain it is this:
Why do we have no restoration plugins at all in Nuendo any longer?

What will be the next to get dropped? We’ve lost the DTS encoder, the Dolby Digital encoder, the Surround Edition (which we were told years ago would be replaced by something better - that never happened) and now restoration tools have gone AWOL.
In an app aimed at the Post market there really should be restoration tools bundled - without having to pay Izotope another $1000 on top.


That’s the reason, I don’t buy any other things from SB except the sequenzer. Too much things a dropped over the last years. I don’t need new things every day. Update the existing stuff, which I know (like a HW device in my rack), would be enough …

So true.

And they ought to be good and workable (which the original included, when they were included, years ago ceased to be, relative to the state of the art).


Good point, maybe Timo have answers :slight_smile: for us.

For me reasonable solution is to include striped down version of Sonnox plugins from WaveLab to Nuendo.

No coding needed and Nuendo will one more step forward :sunglasses:

Any other ideas?

I think what we can see here is that Steinberg is incredibly good at writing “core” software and protocols. They always have been. Think of their core technologies like ASIO, VST, the Eucon integration. Also they are amazing at producing usable GUIs that get the balance right between complexity/possibilities and ease of use. After all that’s why we use Nuendo that had the “revolutionary” clip gain a decade before ProTools.

Over the years they have also made some deals with third parties/externals developers. Some resulted in long term relationships like Wavelab, others were desasters for the users because the products had to be abandoned after an extremely short lifetime (surround edition was my biggest ever grief in that respect!)

Obviously the users and Steinberg will draw their own conclusions.

I personally think that the way forward for Steinberg could be to focus on their strengths. Take a look at Cubase 7 and see what they have done with the chord track. I am really stunned by the way they have (again) innovated their software and added an industry first in a way that looks really deeply integrated yet easy to use for me.

From a pro user’s point of view I would like to see them invest more heavily in Nuendo on that side than buying external softwares (bells and whistles) into their bundle. I really don’t want them to license more stuff (that I already have a solution for)


Same here… From all Steinberg products only Nuendo finds the way into my rig ( WL stopps for me with ver 7, too).
As Neil already wrote: you can spend a ridiculous amount of cash on SB products and for that they pass away just too soon.

When I look up the list of retired products that are virgily dead sitting on my shelfs, I decided years ago - and the last momentum was, when DDE was dropped - not to purchase anything else, anymore.

It is a idiotic situation, that Steinberg forces us to keep an old XP machine in house just to be able to use valluable and necessary software with Nuendo. Like Neil I also have a XP PC aside and connected. It keeps me looking for alternatives and there are some, looking promising.

Big K ( not happy )

Just copy the SonnoxDeNoiser.vst3 (and others) files (from the Wavelab folder) into the common/VST3 plugins folder, and the Sonnox tools will be available in Nuendo. You’ll always need to have the two licenses (Wavelab & Nuendo) on a dongle though …


just installed N6_64bit on a win machine…

I tried the “old trick” with the Wavelab Sonnox plugs----copied the WL vst3 files into the N6 vst3 folder…

I get an error message----(of course WL license is present!)

seems this trick doesnt work anymore—it did work in N5.5…

So…no restauration tools anymore in Nuendo…have to open WL 7 each time…

I got a freeze on VST mixer load also----i trashed preferences already 10 times now to nail it down…

I only got:

-UAD 6.5.2
-NI komplete 8
-NI machine
-NI transient master

installed----all 64bit!

I will post it if i find the problem plug…

I personaly totally disagree with that. I can’t see how Steinberg could compete with specialists like iZotope or CEDAR… They can probably make plugins in this area, but what is the point if they are never used by serious pros? I much prefer Steinberg focusing on the core of the application, and not loose dev time with bells and whistles like these.
But i really hope AnyMix Pro wil stay for a long time, this one is a killer for surround mixings :slight_smile: .

Sorry, but if Adobe can include the restoration tools they do with Audition, then Steinberg can certainly manage it.
If they do not want to code their own, then do a deal with someone and bundle them - as with IOSONO (which is indeed a superb panner) and Curve EQ.

I’m with Dorian on this. Focus on the core app.

If they want to bundle something then great. But I’d rather they spend their money on developing the core app, not restoration stuff that most mid- to high-end studios have already bought elsewhere anyway.