Plugins "missing" in my friend's Cubase project

Hi there…
Im posting this for my friend, that doesn’t connect his pc to internet because of spywares and people that would like to leak his work around.

He asked me to deliver this question to you guys (even knowing that this would be better in the cubase forum)

While opening cubase, fabfilter gets perfectly loaded at the DAW. But when he opens up a specific project that have fabfilter triggered, the plugin is reported as “missing”. Taking a closer look to the plugin information window, he found this (before and after opening the project)

Yes… My teory is that the project “tells” Cubase that theres a plugin… in his own executable! :laughing:
So… theres anyway to fix this? At least, try to move the settings from the buggy fabfilter instance to another?
My friend lost 8 hours in this mix and found a perfect result, and he is not that up to doing that all again… Help. Somebody?


your friend can post his question at the Cubase 5 forum with every computer that has an internet connection.

Please notice that the current Fabfilter version number is a higher then your friend has currently installed on his computer.