Plugins not opening when I click on an insert slot

Hello. Ive had in issue with my Plugins not opening in insert slots when I click on them. For example, say I’ve got an eq plugin inserted in slot 1, and I click on it to open it so I can edit the eq, all that happens, is for the duration of the click, a little ghosted box comes up with a circle with a white line through it,all the insert slots turn dark teal in colour, and if I remember correctly, the insert slot border turns red. Occasionally the plugin opens fine, but this is the exception rather than the rule.Moreover, I some times have to click on an empty inset slot a couple of time to open them, so its not just an already populated one thats the issue.I hope someone can offer my a solution. Many thanks.

Cubase pro 9, imac, OS 10.12.6, Sierra

Have you updated to Cubase 9.0.30?

Hello. Yes, im up to date with updates etc. Anyone any ideas? anyone from Steinberg? Thanks in advance.

It must be a macOS exclusive problem, maybe related to GUI performance.

Thanks, DJW. Any ideas how I might confirm, and solve the GUI issue? The problem only appeared with Cubase Pro 9. Never had any issues with previous versions. Big fan of Cubase, but this issue is doing my head in!

Hi - Did you find a solution to this? I too have this problem on Mac. Thanks

Hello jph, no, still have the same problem. No help or solution from Steinberg…please update this thread if you come across a solution. Thanks.