Plugins Now Initialize Every Time Cubase 4 Starts??


I recently upgraded my setup FROM:

Software: Cubase 4
OS: Windows XP
Plugins: Waves Mercury 5


Software: Cubase 4 (no change)
OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
Plugins: Waves Mercury 9

In my old setup (from the first block, above) when Cubase 4 was started up it would not initialize all of the plugins every time. It seems like it would only initialize them from time to time if something changed in the plugins directory. So when Cubase 4 used to start - it would load up relatively quickly.

Now, however, in my new setup (the second block, above) Cubase 4 initializes all the plugins everytime it starts - which can take a little while. So I now see Cubase 4’s little splash window initialize each of the long list of available plugins. What gives? And how do I make Cubase, in my new setup, not initialize each plugin every time it starts? The annoyance has started to turn into a bit of a deal breaker.