Plugins performances issues pro 12.0.50 (and all updates of pro 12)

I have really big problems of performances and it’s a pity with Cubase since the 12.
I know maybe it’s Bitdefender which causes some issues but I have deactivated protection for Steinberg folder and VST3 folder and I have still big lag and freeze especially with Waves plugins (9,10,11,12,13,14 versions I know you told to support only the last but the updates plans of waves compagnie are not raisonable for a majority of us and Plugins alliances last versions this time) when I insert a waves or a plugin alliance plugin there is a big lag and freeze from Cubase.
The opening of projects are very long too even small count of tracks, so since pro 12 the performances are very decreased unlike 11 version of Cubase.

I recommend NOT using 3rd party anti virus or firewall software. At all.
A decent, up to date router together with Defender provides enough protection for typical, everyday use.
At least you could try and fully disable, or uninstall, your AV and see if it makes a difference.

Yup. I’m one of the very few that actually thinks WUP both makes sense and is reasonably priced. :person_shrugging:

Ok but why with Cubase 11 it was not a problem and now it’s a nightmare …

The v12.0.52 has resolved the loading of the Plugin Alliances and I have still my anti-virus/firewall soft, so it was not due to him :wink: let’s go Steinberg still another little effort for the loading of Waves plugins and the V12 will rock us !!! :heart_eyes:

I’m very very happy now !!! All my issues are gone. I have downgraded from win11 to win10 and now Cubase 12.0.52 run flawlessly , a rocket !!! all is immediate, not anymore issue even with my old waves plugins … My PC was anounced fully compatible windows 11 but it seems like win11 have great problems (on my setup and with all my number of plugins waves or plugins alliance [works solid now :slight_smile: ]) Cubase was unstable and frozen at too much actions, now in win10 all is quick and fluid it’s the Nirvana !!! If my experience could help someones I’ll be glad.

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