Plugins scan

Is there any way to turn off plugin scan? every time i try to work on my lap top with dorico it asks me for plugin authorizations that i will never use in dorico, and my ilok that contains these authorizations is on another computer. startup without it scanning each plugin, it takes a long time, there should be a way to avoid this scan.

much time

At the moment, no, you can’t stop the plug-in scanner, though we have it as a feature request in our backlog.
Is it only VST2 plug-ins or also VST3 plug-ins that cause the nuisance? If only VST2 plugs, then you could try with taking out the VST2 search path from the audio engine preferences, unless there are some VST2 plugs that you also want to use in Dorico.
If you go to ~/Library/Preferences/Dorico 4 AudioEngine there is a file called Vst2xPlugin SearchPaths Dorico 4 AudioEngine.xml.
You can open that file in a text editor and since it is XML it should not be too hard to read and halfway understand. To delete a search path, simply delete the 6 lines starting from <obj class… to </obj> or shout out in case you assistance.

This is the main reason I’m sticking with Sibelius for now. I have my Ilok in my studio and have to click through dozens of authorizations each time I open Cubase or Dorico on my laptop. I can get around this as I’ll usually know when I will be using Cubase (or just click through the prompts the few times I have to), but I need to edit or create scores almost every day, so that wait time makes it a no-go for now. I look forward to trying it when/if this option is added. I’m sure my scores will look just as good without Echoboy or VMR…