Plugins stop loading in projects, nothing happens when I select them


I´ve been using Cubase 9 now for a while. I´m not sure if this was an issue when I was still on cubase 7/win 7 but now on Cubase 9/win 10 I´ve dealt with this exact same problem on three different computers.

The issue is that when I´m working in a project everything starts off fine, but in some projects, as they get bigger/more “worn out” and worked on, some plugins simply dont load when I select them. I click the plugin slot, select plugin, and it is as if I cancelled the whole thing, nothing happens. This is not limited to any specific plugin vendor/brand.

I´m not only talking about offensively large projects that have too many plugins, this usually only happens in pretty far gone projects that are not fresh at all, but they are not necessarily huge.

Any ideas?

  • My win 10 is pretty well optimized and slim and I´m pretty sure that I take good care of the hardware/software side generally. Besides, like I said, this has happened to me in three different computers this year.



Is it related to this?

Unfortunately, yes. More info for googlers -