Plugins stops working after move them in mixer and more...

Hi everyone,

I have this issue from Cubase 5 I think. Sometimes when I move plugin (for examplpe) Softube CL1B to another slot, in the same or other mixer channel, it stop reacting for signal. I must reload plugin and tweak it again…wrrr. Is this a bug or I doing something wrong ?

Other thing is that edit midi is way harder now. Hard to precisly edid end of notes. Is there a quantize end of notes ? I think in Cubase 4 it was there, but I can’t find this fuction now.

Today I notice, that id Prolog when moving midi notes up/down there are no horizontal line and sound STAYS on base note, no changing to pitch when moving note up/down.

Another thing is 32 bit plugins - GVST not reacting for bypass, they still working. Good is that UAD and Waves are going to 64 bit, because jBridge with Waves producing there more bugs…

Sorry guyz for writing about more then one bug. I don’t want to make 5 topics or should I ?

My system:

Cubase 6.5 64 bit, Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, RME FireFace 400 (last driver), i7@3000, 8GB RAM, UAD2 Duo and other hardware and software processors.

Regards from Poland,


P.S. Will be in Cubase 7 in a mixer another option to view inserts and sends at the same time ?