Plugins used in a project

Is there an easy way to see which plugins are being used in a Nuendo project without having to browse every single track to see what insert and send plugins are being used?

Is there some sort of “export plugins being used” command? (I’m running Windows 7 X64)

I have a number of Nuendo 4 and 5 projects, and now that I’m starting to use Nuendo 6
I want to know what plugins were used in those older projects without having to load the older projects into Nuendo 6 and browse through every single track.

This would also be useful in case I have to reinstall my Windows 7 X64 OS.
I would know what plugins I had to reinstall for my projects.


I’m sure I have seen something like this somewhere.
I seem to recall it, but cannot remember where - I will try to find it.
From memory, it looks in the NPR/CPR file & gives a list

If you open the project and go to Devices - Plug-in Information - check out ‘Instances’ column…

Unfortunately you do have to open the project…

Thanks for the quick responses guys. I will give both of your suggestions a try this evening.