Plugins with moving visuals causing laggy graphics

I’m on Cubase 12 (latest version) and and OSX Monterey (latest version).

I noticed when I have plugins like Izotope Iris or XO open that their graphics make everything mad laggy. My mouse pointer is mad laggy and everything feels overloaded. As soon as I close the plugin windows everything is fine.
I checked and both these plugins are on the latest version too.

Is there a setting to prevent this lag?


To me or looks like the plug-in is really GPU hungry. Get in contact with the plug-in vendor, please.

I didn’t have these issues until Cubase 12 though. Not to that extreme notable amount anyway.

No, the plugin isn’t GPU hungry, this is a bug with VST and its OpenGL implementation.

This issue has been there for ages, and it also happens on Windows. In fact when you open such plugins, it isn’t the GPU usage that increases, as it will only be a few percents, but the CPU usage however, will greatly increase.

OpenGL is supposed to relax the CPU but it does the complete opposite.

This behavior is present with hundreds of plugins from dozens of manufacturers, so we simply cannot say the culprit is the plugin vendor.

By analogy, every plugin manufacturer use the same code, which is called VST, and who develops VST ?

See :

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Yeh, the funny thing is that other plugins with lots of visuals don’t cause this problem. For example Fabfilter are fine. Soothe 2 on the other hand seems to cause problems too.