Pluginval errors

Hello guys,

I am developing a VST3 plugin and when testing it with pluginval I get a set of errors (12). I tracked down the cause for the errors, which turned out to be a few routines updating the plugin interface, depending on changes in parameters in the DAW.

I have a suspicion Pluginval’s criteria for reporting these errors may be if they could cause glitches in the audio stream through the plugin? Here’s my question:

Is the DAW and the plugin sync’ed in such a way that if there is a glitch in the plugin, the DAW will “hiccup” as well?

What are the errors?

These are the errors:

Starting test: pluginval / Open editor whilst processing…


4: UnhandledExceptionFilter + 0x160
5: RtlUnhandledExceptionFilter + 0x155
6: LdrQueryModuleServiceTags + 0x1f5
7: DbgUiRemoteBreakin + 0xb70
8: _C_specific_handler + 0x8c
9: _chkstk + 0x9d
10: RtlInitializeResource + 0x53a
11: KiUserExceptionDispatcher + 0x2e
12: Art Vista Plugin: juce::HeapBlock<juce::AudioProcessorParameter *,0>::operator juce::AudioProcessorParameter * * + 0xa

Hello Arne, Did you find out anything from the error list?