Plugs new button...

What does this button on top right of window?|%20%3C%2Fa%3E&md5=45365c173abb487ef2f72f4867ad0076

That link does not work for me.

Sorry, now it works…

I think that is only on Halion Sonic se to open and close the sounds browser section.

No, it is on every plug now. It probably does have something to do with sound browsing though. Or maybe the new databases

I apologise, I looked at the plugin reference and you are right, it’s on them all!

Had a look in the manual and on page 200 there is an image of the Rotary plug

Stereo??? Curious :nerd:

So maybe it’s drop down to select output config… we’ll know soon enough.

As of C6/CA6, the audio architecture is based on 5.1 surround.

Ah, thanks for posting another totally irrelevant piece of information.

Surround? Really?

Nothing to get excited about…On my set-up this button opens up these options:

Always on Top
Switch to Generic editor

Lol yep i can confirm! nowt too exciting but i suppose the ‘generic’ editor can take up less screen space… kinda looks like the quick controls panel in the inspector pane but a bit bigger depending on how many parameters the plugin has… not really earth shattering.