Plus Dynamics? "mp+" or "<f+"


Longtime finale user finally looking to switch over. I apologize if this has been covered before, but couldn’t find much when searching for it. In finale there was the ability to create custom dynamic markings, such as “mf+” “f+” “p+” “mp-” etc.

It’s usage is with scores for marching band front ensemble. I’ve seen this several times in that style of writing, so I’m wondering if there’s any sort of work-around? Or plans to include +/- dynamics in the future? I don’t personally need them for any projects currently, but I have seen it pretty frequently and have worked with other composers/arrangers on collaborative projects where they are using these.

On the topic of marching ensembles: there is a good sized community of folks writing for marching bands and drum and bugle corps. There are some specialized things that are more similar to film scoring in how they go about formatting sheets. Could be worthwhile to market towards that group a bit. I believe the majority are using Sibelius.

You can easily add the plus sign as a suffix.



You can add both a prefix and a suffix to any dynamic mark. Just select the dynamic mark and open the lower properties panel.

(Also, you could create some text like dolce as a prefix to a mf and then hide the intensity mf itself, so the resulting dolce indication will playback as mf!)

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Awesome, good to know! That is much easier compared to how finale handles it.