"poco rit" is not legit

So, I’ve noticed that Dorico’s playback interpretation of “poco rit” is an immediate drop to less than half the previous tempo. Can I tweak this or is this the State of the Software?

In the properties, there is a field Final tempo %, which is greyed out. I suppose this is to be available soon !

You can’t edit the amount of tempo change that gradual tempo changes produce yet, but we hope to improve this in the near future.

I figured as much. I’m just surprised that the default value for “poco” is “slam on the brakes until arriving at a life-numbing, molasses-coated, time-tunnel-esque halt.”

It would be nice for this to have a tempo automation track that is populated by the tempo marks and ‘rit.’ etc., but that could also be pencil edited?

It is intended that at some point tempo will be editable in a track in Play mode.