POD Farm 2.5 plugins in Mac 64-bit mode

I am running OSX 10.7 (Lion) + Cubase 6.0.3 + POD Farm 2.5.1. If I run Cubase in 32-bit mode, it recognizes the POD Farm VSTs. If I run it in 64-bit mode, it doesn’t see any of the POD Farm VSTs.

I’ve tried posting this on the Line6 forum, but it’s gone unanswered. Its not clear to me whether it’s a POD Farm issue or a Cubase issue. POD Farm 2.5 supposedly introduced 64-bit support. Has anyone else seen problems getting plugins recognized in 64-bit mode?

Im running win7 64bit and cant get it to work either.

I am having the exact same issue. Cubase does not recognize any of the POD Farm2 plug-ins while running in 64-bit mode,
only in 32-bit mode. I have tried using Reaper as a VST host and It will only open POD Farm in 32-bit as well. I am going to try Ableton Live next as I’m told it can open the VST in 64-bit on Mac OSX. I have found posts on other forums about this 64-bit Cubase/POD Farm issue before so It appears to be somewhat common on OSX.

So it turns out that Line6 does not support 64-bit in Cubase for OSX. If you look at the Line6 website it states that it’s
32-bit only in Cubase for OSX,
it says so right in the notes at the bottom of their POD Farm web page; http://line6.com/store/item/187