Podcast equipment help needed 4 person

I need at podcast setup on a medium budget. The setup is for 3-4 person.
Also want it to be as “easy” to set up as possible. It would be nice if its portable

Anything i should be aware of, so I dont make to many mistakes in the get go :slight_smile:

rental could be an alternative at the moment… since many PA companies have no business during the pandemic, and sometimes it’s a good possibility to get in touch with new equipment
a small mixing desk will help, something like the Allen & Heath ZED series or the Yamaha MG series with integrated USB audio interface…

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okay, first thanks for reply… should i go with usb michpone or xlr? and/or usb / xlr mixer?

of course… it depends… :slightly_smiling_face:

4 persons at the same time can require 4 microphones so the USB microphone route can be the wrong solution
the use of an USB equipped mixer is just an idea

Okay and sorry if I might ask some “stupid” questions…
The setup should for be as easy as possible, even though I do tech stuff, this area isnt really my normal field.
The issue or what you would call it, is that i need to be able to set it up fast, record it and so on… kindda plug and play… if I do make sense

there still some different setups possible…
a small field recorder is also a possible way to do this…
this is normally the easiest way… some of them have integrated microphones and can connect some more signal sources to record different signals at the same time

it all depends on what your podcast should “do”