come posso ottenere polimetrie con frazioni di tempo diverse nell’accollatura?
(vedi Allegato).

Non conoscendo l?inglese penso di aver combinato un pasticcio.
Conclusione: vorrei sapere come posso ottenere la “Polimetria” (vedi allegato sopra).

Yes you can achieve this quite easily using independent time signatures and hidden tuplets. (Because a quarter note equals a quarter note on all staves, one staff has to have hidden tuplets to match the available rhythmic space).

Here is an example -

  1. Input a 2/4 time signature as normal.
  2. Select the bar rest in/anything at the start of bar 1 on the bottom staff, press Shift-M for the time signatures popover, enter “6/8” and press Alt-Return (to add it only to the bottom staff)
  3. Input the notes - if you don’t make the bottom staff’s notes triplets, you can see the rhythms don’t line up.
  4. Re-input a normal barline at the start of bar 2 for the 2/4 time signature (this essentially gives both staves a 2/4 time signature but without showing the time signature)
  5. Make the bottom staff notes tuplets (in English, press ; for the tuplets popover, enter “3:2”, press Return)
  6. Hide the tuplet numbers.
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Sei stata gentilissima (e soprattutto veloce).
Buona Musica.

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That’s neat with the barline, didn’t know that one.