Politics of plugin downloading

Hello my name is Thomas and i have cubase since 3 month and i would like to know if it’s legal in the politics of steinberg to dowload VST from another site than steinberg
In deed i got a musical project and i would like to have a specific effect in a voice and i don’t have the good plugin or VST so i searched on steinberg page if they had a good effect in the VST part of the site, but i didn’t find it.
So, i searched on internet a plugin to dowload and i found what i want. So my question is, is it legal or more particularly steinberg allow to dowload a VST or plugin in internet without steinberg licence ? because i don’t want to have problems with my cubase logicial( crash, starting problem…) after the plugin instalation because of a non respect of the politics of steinberg or something else.

Thank You very much for your Help.

It is very much legal. Go ahead.

Steinberg developed the VST (Virtual Studio Technology) protocol that makes it possible for other developers to produce virtual instruments and effects as “plug-ins” that work with Cubase. I am certain they want you to use plug-ins from other developers. But, of course, they would love it if you bought one of their plug-ins.

Here is a site that can help you find tons of plug-ins ranging from free to pricey that are listed in KVR’s database.