[POLL] Better channel grouping functions?

What do you think of the grouping functions in Cubase?

  • Would like to see grouping of channels improved.
  • Like the way it is now.

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The has been a lot of talk about changing grouping capabilities in Cubase. I for one had no experience with this as I’ve been with Cubase since V2. But, since getting into Reaper (as I needed something to field record WITHOUT a dongle)I now see that grouping functions are VERY far behind the competition. I love Cubase so much and would love to see this feature updated. The ability to set different groupings for different params (Mute, Pan, Vol, etc.) Seems like a no-brainer.

Including sending things in equal but opposite directions!

At the least, it should be that when you select multiple channels on the mixer, the volumes and pans all work as if they were linked.

Wasn’t there a key combination that applied the same setting to all selected tracks?

I would like it if tracks could be placed under the group that they directly output to, and be collapsed and expanded, exactly like a folder track.

I always end up duplicating folder tracks and group input mapping, when it would make more sense to expand the group function to include the folder functionality.

Additionally, I would like collapsed tracks to disappear (or even just go narrow) in the mixer. I have plenty of 30" monitors to be able to stretch across, but the mixers become unnecessarily busy.

I don’t think that’s what we’re talking about. It’s controls, not settings, that we want to be able to link in a more selective manner than the simple track-group function currently on offer. At least, that’s why I’m here. :slight_smile:

They need to look at protools mix groups, start there, and build upon that design style IMO…

It is the only pro feature Cubase lacks.

When Steinberg add VCA style groups plus linked automation editing, they will IMHO be the most complete DAW on the market bar none.

I’m sure Steinberg will eventually add these features, they have sorted out almost everything else people have requested.