Poll: Case for single window layout

Should Steinberg pursue a single window layout?

  • Yes
  • No

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I tried using the search function, but could not discover if this topic was raised, and raised in a manner that indicated the notion was supported or not supported by users.

(As background, it may be worth noting that Studio One, Pro Tools, Logic, Live, Sequel and Reaper already use this format - some of us know this, some may not) :ugeek:

definitely NOT! i hate how these other daws force everything into one window. docking and tabs = clutter for me. just use 2 monitors (or 3 or 4). ed

Thanks - cast your vote as No.


While multiple window interface may be a bit chaotic in times, it leaves YOU to be the one who is in command, not the software.


I would like the best of both worlds; docking windows like Halion 4. That way one can still take advantage of multiple monitors when detaching windows and also have a single window interface if desired.



yes i think that would be the best way :slight_smile:


So, I voted no…

but I do vote a big yes to careyletendre suggestion, to have a combination approach such that the user can choose :wink:


I voted “No” as well. I totally agree with everyone else in that the user should have the option to choose.

  • 1 !
    I absolutely agree with you.

(P.S: I must admit that I voted “no”, because I use 3 monitors.
(perfect for cubase arrange, mixer, plugins, metering-tools, all at the same time)


a better poll would be:



One of the MAIN reasons I use Cubase, is because I love the interface!!! Over time, they have really developed it into something very refined and yet intuitive. As much as programmers may get bored, I hope they recognize a good thing when they have it - and hang onto that great idea!

There is plenty of room for other refinements in the program - things that I think users would be much more excited about.


Plus “Duh!?” :mrgreen:

No to single window.

Yes to Halion 4 style.
I think Wavelab 7 has something similar as well.

IMHO the whole “single window” interface is more for laptops out of studio (where it’s impractical to carry a second monitor).

We’re probably going to get a Halion 4/Wavelab 7 style in Cubase 7.

Oh, I forgot:

plus “All windows on top!” (…editors, pool, Media Bay, etc.)

Voted No as well. The system could definitely use some change, but I like being able to drag stuff around wherever I want it to be. Docking stuff only takes up extra screenspace.

No offense, but this is one of the silliest recurring discussions ever. It’s like politics where people vote against their own best interest out of sheer tribalism.

It’s clear that most if not all of those sngle window designs in that class can mimick Cubase’s window arrangements because docking is optional? Do some here really think people using Reaper, Logic, S1, DP, Sonar, etc, can’t put their mixer or editors on monitor 2 if they want? That they’re locked into a single window docking arrangement?

Apparently so based on some comments here. :question:

Is there any manual window arrangement Cubase allows that can’t also be done in those apps? Not really… which is why I don’t get it, never did. It’s all win, you lose nothing.

Will someone please explain to me in detail what you can do with Cubase’s windows that can’t be done today in those “single window” apps? All of their windows - and some of their toolbars - float. Dare I say, their floating mixers can actually fill an entire second screen… and be stretched vertically.

They’re not exactly Garageband.

another statement, gearslutz user “submarin” wrote today:

“so I ditched it (X1) and went back to Cubase till now with 6.5, which is fine.
Actually the (…) windowmanagement sucks in Cubase and I always loved X1 for that.”

i use sony vegas a lot which can dock and float. so i spend a lot of time trying to open and close tabs and get to things. in my opinion, it all looks very cluttered, even with 2 monitors.
i also have sonar producer and it sufferes the same thing. maybe it’s because i’m used to cubase, but i like the way it looks. i don’t want tabs cluttering up my screen. worst of all are the daws with browers down one side or other! ugly and distracting.
so by all means, have tabs as an option but don’t force them on us!
i tried the demo of presonus and it was really annoying. do i want to be offered links to soundcloud when starting or opening a song? no. fluff is bad!