Poll: Do you save your installers, etc.?

Do you save your installers, etc., on an external media?

  • Yes. I usually save the files to restore the software I use either on an external drive or DVD, etc.
  • No. It is the vendor’s responsibility to provide me with unlimited re-downloads.

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It seems to me an unusually large number of users are requesting re-downloads of the installers. I always keep a copy on an external drive, as a backup. I will start the voting… :smiley:

Yes, I also always keep a copy of the full installers, update installers (from each version), receipt, serial numbers/keyfiles/autorization codes, and so on (ISO files from installation CDs and DVDs also). I keep all of this on 2 different backups!

yep ,same here ,I always back them up

Yeah…gotta back up the installers…updates, content etc…you can be sure if you desperately need a reinstall the manufactures website will be down …just when you need em…

I always back up installers and keep receipts etc with them

Yes, I keep all my Installers too. But I feel the vendor should also have them available.

I try to but I’d lie if I said I’m that organized :slight_smile: But now I know who I can beg from in case I can’t find something I need. I have 9tb of back up hard drives that I keep in safety deposit box though

Same here…

I’ve always saved everything, organised in Manufacturer folders containing products’ folders with main installers, updates and receipts.

I save to Internal Archive HD, External Archive HD and 2 USB thumb-drives. On the HDs, I also keep all the drivers versions of the system in use as well as the Audio Card drivers.

Behold the Vendorrrrrrrrr!!!

So, Steinberg feels that it is our responsibility as customers too save installers? Is there official stand on this?

Because if Steinberg goes down some day, all software will be useless anyway, because you cannor reinstall without license. So why keep copies of install files, if you will not be able to install and authorize them anyway? And if Steinberg remains, this means installs will also be available. So why should we keep install files?

Just to be clear, I am not implying that this is Steinberg’s position. I have not seen any official word from them about this topic. This is just my own curiosity due to seeing so many users asking for re-downloads. As far as I can tell, Steinberg has always provided users with downloads when requested.

I guess this is because I chimed in the discussion.

By the way, this doesn’t mean that it is the official stance of the Company - that is just how I, as a customer, back-up my archives / installers.
As Jaslan correctly pointed out, Steinberg provides download links to the users that ask to re-download their software.

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Yes, please contact Support.

Unfortunately, response times vary depending on the work-load, as the rule is first in - first out.

But if an user is in urgent need and drops me a PM, I’m not going to ignore him / her… unless I’m home sleeping, of course :smiley:


Foolish not to back up in at least 3 places, at least one off site.

I backup everything. Religiously. On dedicated backup drives (I have 3x 3tb external USB 3.0 drives just for that purpose) and even on the cloud (as expensive as multiple terabyte cloud storage is…), in case my entire studio goes up in flames… My livelihood depends on this stuff. Of course everything is setup to work automatically, so no maintenance needed, except for the occasional checkup.

In the old ‘ham radio’ parlance:
‘that’s the way to do it’!