Poll - do you use more than one video monitor

Do you generally use one or more than one video monitor with Cubase

  • Laptop or Single Monitor
  • Multiple Monitors

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It strikes me that the current GUI with Zones on a main window is optimal for use on a laptop or other single video monitor system. Less so (IMHO) for DAWs with multiple monitors.

I was wondering how many of us use a single monitor vs. multiple monitors

Voted multiple, but i need to explain.

Even when using a laptop, I find I need to use something else to mitigate my mouselessness, be it a remote on my midi controller (if present), or Touch Portal / TouchOSC depending on the task at hand. (Those count as screens, imo) Plus, all these zones quickly drown out all my screen estate, and I can’t say I’m really “working” when I’ve got a lower zone key editor with even just one controller lane open. There’s just too little resolution (14" laptop here).

On the other hand, on my desktop, with a 24" 1920x1080 and a 15,6" touchscreen (AND the aforementioned touchosc/touch portal) my options are very much broad, and my needs accommodated.

Multiples are a PITA to me and I get real tired of scanning across a bezel all the time so ONE here.
Workspaces work great, F3 to get to mixer if needed, simple

Using 2 24” 1080 monitors. And great thing with it, that you can full screen Project window at one, and mixconsole at second. And no others window borders. Clear space

One monitor, but it is 38” curved.

I use one monitor, i do not like to look around to much, get neck pains etc then. Like in a large movie theater sitting upfront, you get neck pain. Anyway one single monitor that is about 27 inch.

Smaller monitor (touch screen) for mix console, larger curved monitor mounted above smaller monitor for everything else. (I built custom monitor stands).

I have one 2560 x 1440 32" QHD monitor, and one 27" 1920 x 1080 HD monitor.

My layout changes depending on what the current work task is, but mainly, I put a mix console on the smaller monitor while I’m editing tracks. It makes it handy for reference when dealing with many tracks to close the lower zone on the main monitor.

When mixing, I swap things and put the mix console on the large monitor.

I used to use 2x 24" monitors (1920x1200) with the main window on the left and mixer on the right.

I now have a single 43" 3840x2160 monitor running at 100% scaling. That’s nearly double the screen real estate, and quadrant snapping is really handy for having multiple windows visible simultaneously.

As for Cubase, it’s nice having so much more tracks visible in the main window. Small mixing tasks work fine in the lower zone, and I open the main mixer window if I need more control.

I use two 27" HD monitors. One for arrange window and one for mixer basically.

Five Monitors here. 4 of them (wih NO HD RESOLUTION - I am old - so the minature elements on HD screens drive me CRAZY) in a square formation, the fifth closer to my eyes showing the portion I want to see closer :slight_smile:

To me it is VITAL that Cubase when implemented as a single-window CONTINUES to allow to undock EVERY zone and EVERY Zone content. This is currently not the case if I remember correctly… some thins in the lower zone cannot be moved to separate windows (CHord Pads, Sampler Track…)…this is - if I am not wrong - a pity. no a PITA.

agreed. I use 3 monitors, and i hate the zone concept. I need the workzones to be clutterfree to maximize what I actually need to see, in every situation. I use one screen for the main project/editors (in full screen view), second monitor is mixconsole 1, with open plugins on top, and the third monitor is mixconsole 2 showing inputchannels, fx returns, outputchannels and controllroom. These are open at all times.

I use three screens. Two side-by-side and one large one in the middle on the wall opposite of me.

same setup as avviano

3 Ultra-wides 2560x1080 in my studio. 2 34-inch and 1 28-inch LG’s

I use all 3 mix consoles plus heavy use of Work Spaces. Using Work Spaces, I press just 1 button to bring up the GUI of for example 4 VST inserts on any 1 channel.

Most Configuration changes are flipping between group channels and FX channels in the right screen. I am disappointed Track Quick Controls only apply to Mix console 1. I use them for remote control of turning on/off sends and the send amount. I wish they could apply to Mix Consoles 2 and 3.

Contrary to some posts, I find slightly moving my head about 5 degrees, plus slight eye movement in the same direction is easier and faster for my workflow. The only zones I use on rare occasions are left zones for each mix console, key, sample, and drum editors. I never use the lower zone…ever.

The QconPro is mostly a waste for me, but 10% of the time it’s helpful. Metagrid is like…I use it every minute.

Same as a lot of people here, project on one, mixer on other and works great for me. Quite used to the current GUI didn’t like it to start with tho, but it’s functional in use.

I used to use 2 24" monitors. I switched to a 4K monitor, thinking I was so smart…

Then of course, I found out how CRAP Cubase is with HiDPI. And now I wish I hadn’t. Without decent HiDPI, a single large display is not as good as 2 smaller monitors. Why? Because you get mixconsole in one window, project in the other. With a single display and no HiDPI, it’s this huge single image that makes my neck hurt.

Single monitor here, but a 32" one (AOC) at 2560 x 1440 pixels, since two months. It has avoid me to condider any use of HiDPI and I’m glad that I don’t have to, considering all the mess that it apparently brings to the ones that try to use it.

Overall, a true improvement from my crappy 24" previous Samsung one (more space usable for Cubase and much better defined images). I don’t have the place for two monitors and even if I had, I’m not sure I would go for it…

i use two monitors…one 27inch and below/in front of it is my 17 inch macbook… i have a few workspaces saved to help me transition quickly between arranging and mixing sessions…

Gday All.

For what it’s worth,I use two monitors in my studio at home (one for the mixer and one for the project) and only occasionally use the zones when in the studio, but if I take my laptop to work or to a friends place, then the zones are super important. So I like to have the option of zones rather than pressing F3 all the time.