POLL: Green|Yellow|Red display for the faders?

Should the FD sport a Green|Yellow|Red meter disply similar to the meters in Cubase?

  • Yes (Green|Yellow|Red)
  • No (Solid Red like today)
  • Don’t Care (Either is fine)

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Hey folks, I’d be all over 4 of those FDs if they sported a green, yellow, red meter display like Cubase (and most digital mixers). I’m wondering how many feel the same way?

you forgot option 3 “don’t care”

Added the option :slight_smile:

But based on your other email about not really liking the FD, you should vote assuming the FD did what you wanted and what color should the meters be?

lol, well based on my opinion (based on never using an FD, so it is a suspect opinion to be sure) the color of the flashy lights is the least of the problems. Heck, I don’t see that they are even be calibrated, so as far as I can tell they are just activity lights. Even if you had multiple colors, the information would still be meaningless.

Ok, well… for the purposes of this poll, please assume that the data is meaningful:

  1. The meters actually map to the meters in Cubase precisely
  2. The clipping zone means clip
  3. They are close enough to realtime to be useful

Also: the poll lets you change your vote.