Poll: HALion 6 distribution method

Which distribution method for HALion 6 would you prefer?

  • single download package: 30GB monolith (as yet)
  • two independent download packages: basic app + complete library
  • multiple independent download packages: basic app + single selectable libraries
  • USB memory stick (at extra cost)
  • other

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So Steinberg provides Halion 6 as a 30GB whopper download - eat or die! But how will customers with limited Internet access get Halion 6? And what about download errors with such a big single file? And what’s next - 60GB for Halion 7? Do we always have to redownload the content of the previous versions?

There would be possibilities for sure, and I present some of them in this poll. What do you think?

Why not provide options for all of the above.
in Particular, all the “content” installers should be OS agnostic and allow for installations across any/all supported OS
I’m not a fan of downloading GB of content for different OS platforms…

Obviously I’m not the only one who’d prefer more flexible download options. But who at Steinberg cares?

The HSSE3 release proves, that there IS a possibility to deliver a basic app package. It’s just a 720MB download and contains all additional resources (wavetables, noise samples, custom UI graphics elements etc.) for custom libraries, all the same ones as in H6!

So why not to release a H6 basic app package? Obstinacy?

The download of Halion 6 - opening a thousand windows and 14 parts was the worst download I have experience. Just a bit of feedback. :slight_smile:

I think I can tell you why it is one package. I downloaded the demo, (with the Steinberg download assistant btw).
And I thought I was smart and installed only what I wanted to demo (new synths and pianos) and was greeted with a lot of missing library files when starting both Cubase 9 pro and Halion 6 stand alone. So it seems all files are needed/expected. You would not want to think of the support mess with missing files they would have to deal with if they supported partial installs and downloads. Support already seems overwhelmed with the requests for the Halion 5 add on licence.

What you describe are the usual media bay messages, when registered content is missing.

I already tested it by myself: H6 content can be completely stripped down - if you don’t need factory content. Of course you can’t play patches with missing samples. But you even may play wavetable patches, because they don’t rely on sample content, as the wavetable data is stored within every patch.

The library manager allows to uninstall selected content afterwards, so consequently there should be an option to only download selected content beforehand.