POLL: How many monitors do you use with Cubase?

How many monitors do you use with Cubase?

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Yeah, how many? As in video monitors. We’re asking about screen real estate here. Do you keep your project window in one monitor and your mixers, channel settings in another? Or are you like me and have to manage all that with just one?

I’ve tried an additional monitor a couple of times but in my little studio space, it’s never been ergonomically comfortable.

Do you mean like with subs, surround, etc, (i.e., 2.1 = 3, 5.1 = 6) or how many sets of monitors, like in a mastering rig?


I was presuming he meant video monitors - am I up the wrong tree woofing?

I was assuming displays when i voted, otherwise my answer would be I mix in mono! :laughing:

Once I can afford another 24inch LCD, that’ll make two. I had two CRTs, they are door stoppers now. (I must get around to disposing of those the correct way).

I find working on one screen okay, but two is better. Three would be very interesting. :ugeek: :nerd: :ugeek: :mrgreen:

how anyone could use cubase with one monitor boggles my mind ,unless its a 50" ! :wink: :laughing:


Assuming it’s not speakers. Voted 2

only one (but a big one) :laughing:


I got a great deal for a 32" full HD Tv, so I bought it and use it as my main monitor. I also have a 21" lcd monitor as second display. I really like to have a big display. The screen definition is limited to 1920x1080, but most of the time it’s alright.

Of course, I don’t have a surround setup. In this case, it could be difficult to place the center speaker :laughing:

Main display = edit window
Second display = mixer (when not mixing), plug-ins, transport, well everything that can be moved outside the main cubase window (oh yeah, Windows is not so optimized for multi-display…).

DOH! Monitors as in displays. DOH! That’s my 3rd and 4rth DOH posts this week!

I voted “3” for my 2.1 setup! I should be a two. Well, the iPad might make it 2.1 displays…

BTW, I do know a guy who mixes with 1 mono monitor and a 2.1 rig, and he taught me some great tricks: I often switch back and forth to mono to check for coherency. My last step for a mix is also in mono - I’ll loop a track and see how it sounds from down the hall - I call it “pre-mastering”.


2 x monitors. 30" main, 24" in portrait mode for doc reading/proofing, FX interfaces, track popups etc…

I used to have 3 x 24. I like the height provided by the 30".

Actually not too bad with very high resolution monitors, I normally use 2x 1600 x 1000 monitors and have a 1900 x 1000 monitor as well but a friend has a single 1900 x1200 monitor and cubase is really usable on this, impressive how much better the 1900x1200 is than the 1900x1000

Now, try a 2560x1600 30" and you will not be going back to some silly dual 22 " monitor setup ever again …

yes im sure i wouldn’t id be more tempted for a dual 30" setup after seeing 1 at work , :wink: :sunglasses:


I’ve been using a single monitor for ages, during a short period I had two 17’’ CRTs but they made me depressed.
When the back light failed on my last 22’’ I kicked it up a notch and got a 24’’ HP S-IPS, I’d say its perfect for my needs right now but I might go dual in the future, getting a smaller rack mounted display for field recordings and double as a secondary monitor in the studio.


Currently I’ve got just my laptop screen at 1680x1050, but when I get a desktop I’ll probably be getting 1 or 2 1920x1200 screens.
I also have a small (forgot what resolution, but it’s not much) screen sitting by my drumkit on which I can see the track progress while playing. Advanced sheet music :sunglasses:

I been all the way whit display setups…
used to have 3 x 20" CRT monitors, that went down to 1 24" LCD and a 20" CRT, and from there it went down to only the 24" LCD.

I love the Workspaces feature, its just awesome.
main workspace I have the arrange window, second workspace I have 2 mixers, and all the VSTi and plugins.
the mixer workspace I went with 2 mixers, main mixer to see audio and VSTi tracks plus the master out. second mixer is only for groups, all neat and tidy.
I also put keycommands for the 2 workspaces, so its lightningfast to actually get from one to the other.
I had a go with having the master output in the second mixer too, but I didnt get the right feeling for it, as I been on this setup for a few years now. should probably try again tho, as its more logical in a sense…

4 x 30" Dell 2560x1600 in 3 side-by-side and one above centre
1 x Dell ST2220T touch screen 1920x1080
1 x Samsung 40" TV 1920x1080.

Speakers are above each of the outer 30", plus a 12" sub under the desk.

All my monitors (except the touch) and speakers are mounted on a custom-built wheeled frame for (relatively) easy access.

As of last week, 4 monitors…

2 on top, with project timeline and mixer spread across those…

2 underneath, with plugs, control room, vst’s etc. down there…

Lovin that there’s much less scrolling and sizing

As of last week, 4 monitors… all 22", 1680 x 1050

2 on top, with project timeline and mixer spread across those…

2 underneath, with plugs, control room, vst’s etc. down there…

Lovin that there’s much less scrolling and sizing

I have 3 now, all in one horizontal row. I really want 6 screens so that I’d have 2 horizontal rows of 3. And I also want another monitor buy my keyboard station so it’s easier to start/stop/punch when recording. A man can dream…

A pair of 28" monitors here. Intend to add a third (a 22") once I finish building a new desk. For those (like myself a year or so ago) who read this stuff and wonder “what the heck do you do with all those screens???”…

On one 28" monitor I have the project window. Nice and big, can see lot’s of tracks and lots of song on one screen.

On the second 28", the mixer window. I can expand it to show all insert’'s or send or control room send etc… at the top of the screen I can put the transport control, the device panel, a small CC121 selector window, the VSTi instrument rack and the chan edit window.

The intended 3’rd screen will ultimately get the chan edit window, all VST and VSTi windows, and use for bringing up PDF doc’s etc…