Poll: Is Cubasis your first DAW?

Is Cubasis your first DAW or are you already an experienced DAW user?

  • Yes, Cubasis is my first DAW.
  • No, I use Cubase, Sequel or Nuendo.
  • No, I use another DAW.

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Hi there,

To get to know you better we would like to ask you the following question:
Is Cubasis your first DAW (digital audio workstation) or are you already an experienced DAW user? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I can’t answer yes to either of these options so maybe there needs to be a third option or the wording of the second one needs changed?

Like many others I have used Cubase extensively in the past…but I don’t use it anymore! Maybe a third option would help Steinberg track if Cubasis in iOS is helping them get customers back, allowing an option to cross sell desktop software in the future?

Hi Skipp,
Thanks for the advice, I changed the poll accordingly. :slight_smile:


Appreciated! Vote now cast :slight_smile:

Not one newbie so far! But there again, how many Newbies are going to pay ÂŁ34.95 for their first iPad DAW app?
It can’t have come as that much of a shock that so many Cubase users are disappointed with Cubasis! However, Steiny must also have realised that many Cubase users would be all over a Cubase type of app?

Hey Carlos.

It’s quite funny for me that I have to answer with no 'though Cubasis VST 3
actually was my first real DAW when I started. :wink:

So I guess there are some other people around this forum who could answer
this question with “Yes.”. :mrgreen:

Absolutely agree!

I don’t know what proportion of Cubase and ex. Cubase users to new users Steinberg expected to get? At the current price point however I think that generally you’re only going to get people who already believe that having some version of Cubase on your iPad would be a good thing, probably based on their own experience of using Cubase.

What is important about this is that it should give Steinberg a clear idea of the direction that the App has to evolve to satisfy this group, and that direction is very different from it might have been if 90% of people said that this was their first DAW.

Hi there.
I have a tascam 2488, could it be considered as a DAW?

I am using cubase7
I started using cubase in version 5.
It’s really wonderful DAW.
However the bugs in Cubasis make me disappointed.
Moreover, there is not enough function in Cubasis that I desire.

No. My first DAW was Twelve Tone Systems’ Master Track Pro (a billion years ago). It was MIDI only no audio, it’s now Sonar. Went from it to Logic until they dropped the PC version. Been using Cubase since - now with Cubase 7.

My interest in Cubasis is strickly as a sketch pad that I can use from the comfort of the hamock at the cottage or travelling, etc. and be able to get ideas back into my desktop to expand upon


I’ve used a ton of DAWs, on Windows (98, 2000, XP, and 7), OS X, and iOS.

Windows: Cool Edit Pro/Audition, Acid Pro, Tracktion, Reaper, Studio One
OS X: Logic, GarageBand, Reaper, Studio One
iOS: GarageBand, Auria, Multitrack DAW, and now Cubasis

On iOS, Cubasis is definitely the best so far. Best layout, easiest to use, yet very powerful, particularly with the Audiobus implementation.

I used DAWs since the early days in 1996 with a “DAW” that would allow audio multitrack but without monitoring. Then at one point I saw that modern DAWs with their tons of features actually killed my creativity instead of boosting it, as I would start looking at songs in a modular way, working my way through the process of songwriting in a “part-to-part” manner rather than finishing the structure on my acoustic guitar first, long before even thinking of recording. I then tweaked so many good songs to death that at one point I just turned away from all that and bought a TASCAM 2488 NEO, a digital 24-Track recorder. This thing still allowed copy/paste operations, but due to a small screen this was a PITA forcing me to play everything right without many backdoors that would let me sneak through. This really boosted my overall creativity and helped me regain my musical skills that had suffered during the past years of beeing a “piont-and-click” musician.

Cubasis and a few MIDI toys are a perfect addition to this, allowing me to work out a song structure and - thanks to great tools as the Apogee Mic, Jam and DUO and iRig Keys - I can now even prepare a whole lot on my iPad and transfer these tracks to the NEO. Still a lot of “hand made” music without sacrificing too much on the quality side.

Hi, this is my first post.

Let me explain a little.
Anyone reading this? Congratulations,you are now reading about the most incompetent moron ever to have bought a DAW.
I actually own Reaper, Cubase a5, Mixcraft Music Daw etc etc. and you know what?.. They all might as well be written in Greek …( obviously the Greek versions are of course).
I am a singer period. I thought it would be a good idea to get some tracks down with a couple of guitar buddies…they abandoned the good ship DAW ages ago.
We recorded the guitar parts on CD and I said I would import said track to Cubase or Cubasis.
I never figured it out…I gave up after a week. It wouldn’t transfer .
After slinging my Ipad 4 into the corner of the room I have decided to go back to my simple multitracker.
Cubasis does look nice though.
After I have visited the doctor I might try again but my head hurts so much.
I congratulate you all for being so clever …could it be that I’m in my 60’s methinks?

By for now


It must be the 60’s…I think you took many of the thoughts I have had over the last 8 years as a Cubase user. I am turning 60, my first computer was a Vic 20 in 1983. As a super user, I can hold my own on many computer applications but Midi and recording have made me nuts too many times. I am a guitar player for over 50 years and thought that since I had few others to “jam” with, I would put down some tracks and sit back and listen. That took a few years of trial and error to get right and that is only the same as reel to reel recording.

Just recently discovered applying effects to my recorded audio. Surprised the hell out of me with time stretch. Seems like I may never get fully going in Cubase or Cubasis without enrolling in a a basic course . YouTube helps somewhat but it ain’t like hands on doing it with a bit of guidance

I have 8 years invested in Cubase and $o many upgrade$. In spite of the lackluster recordings void of drums, and other great stuff I read about here, it still puts a smile on my face to hear back what I put down with the hope of enhancing it even further for “posterity” once I figure out some of those other greats like media bay and some of the other parts.

Since I have a few more opportunities to record live these days, I decided to go with Cubasis and thought of using it as a compact recorder for live audio. I have it now about 10 days and have been enjoying the hell out of it. I’ve seen some great reading and listened to some really nice recordings. If I had to make a living out of it like some here, I’d surely starve. But I just cannot get passed the idea of the machine creating the backup tracks for me. I tend to be stuck thinking I am the audio source for every instrument. While I can play several, I cannot get them all in a room…oops, studio with my computer and mics.

Yup, some here are remarkably clever. I’m only hoping by being exposed to it, some might just rub off. :smiley: don’t give up yet


Honestly, I think you should be looking at buying a used Tascam 2488 NEO and a few mics. To record live jam sessions, there still is no better thing than that IMHO.

Agreed , but funny you say that. I did have a 16 channelTascam porta studio and it was quite nice. I still have a few reel to reel decks I cant just throw out. It just seems that as time passes and things change, updating is supposed to take you to the new and improved.

My first motorcycles were kick start…updates brought me to a push button electric starter. New AND improved
I guess I just believed that it would be the same for recording too. Time to start recognizing MY limitations

Sorry to hear you are frustrated. Lucky for you tho you’ve decided to join in on the Cubasis forums. I encourage you to ask for help in these discussions to get you over the learning curve.

Hi again,

I suppose knuckle47 and me ought to form an old gits Cubase club!..that would be fun
I was what I call dyslexic at maths when I was at school so I suppose that doesn’t help,and the fact that I’m a singer and not a musician - that’ll ruffle a few feathers…only kidding.
It does seem that compared to say, a digital multitracker that the quote “sledgehammer to crack a nut” seems to appear in ones head when attempting this DAW milarky - don’t know if that’s how you spell milarky.
I do know that it is more confusing the more DAWS you have,.indeed I have noticed that when one DAW closes…
Couldn’t help that.
There are no easy DAWS for us old codgers though that’s for certain.
D you know how many attempts I had at registering my Ci2 ? I gave up on that one too…lucky that I’ve still got about 235 logins left before I’m forced to .Ive worked it out that if I use my Ci2 just once a week I’ll be in my late 60’s before I have to register…by then I’ll probably not know what planet I’m on anyway!

It’s a larf though in it…NO

New inspiration ! I saw a man on the nightly news last night that had a problem he had hidden for 89 years… He never learned to read. He had many honors and achievements but could not even read what they were for. So , you know, a librarian taught him how to read. His last comment in that story. " do it now, you ain’t learn in’ nuthin’ in the box"

Well gee, that’s good enough for me


my DAW-History:
(Windows) Logic > Cubase SX (changed to MAC) > Cubase until 5.5 > Reaper + Logic

This “DAW’s” i’m using on iPad:
MultitrackDAW, Beatmaker 2, Auria, Cubasis

my best results using:
WNA Genome for Midi-Sequencing + MultitrackDAW for recording 24Bit from Audiobus synths and samplers
(sometimes Midi-Master-Clock from MoDrum, because it has the most stable Midi-Clock of all iPad-Apps)
…and finnishing the Tracks in Auria

BUT, the Cubasis Interface looks more perfect than Beatmaker 2 or Auria to me and i hope Cubasis will record 24Bit-Depth, send Midi-Master-Clock and can record and send all Midi-Controller-Data including Poly-Aftertouch (as Genome does) soon…

Here a little live session video i’ve made:
(Apps: Audiobus, Caelestis, PeterVogelCMI, Figure, LiveFX, Audioshare and “mastering” in Auria)

Cheers from Hamburg
Bianca (Ungifted)