[Poll] Preference for "hardwired" MIDI Track / VSTi Rack

A VSTi Rack with hardwired MIDI Tracks/ Rack slot connections would be a relief

  • Yep!
  • Nope!
  • Spring is in the air!

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Sorry if the subject was a little cryptic, at least it was short …

Wouldn’t it be nice if MIDI tracks was “hardwired” to the slot in the VSTi Rack so when you decide you rather want VSTi Z instead of VSTi X you could just swap WITHOUT loosing the connections and having to set the output to the same slot in the VSTi Rack it was connected to the second before you changed the VSTi? Sometimes I even lose time and focus trying to figure out why the sound disappeared, but that’s maybe just me haha!

Maybe there are some advantage in the way it works now with the slot disconnected when changing? Then it’s better with a Preference setting. I seriously doubt I’d ever use that one, though. But you never know, you know …

What do you think?

PS please, no instrument track debate in this topic :laughing:

[Edit … Weasel ripped my flesh]

If you pluralized everything (Wouldn’t it be nice if MIDI tracks were “hardwired” / / / WITHOUT loosing the connections and having to set the outputs to the same slot)… I’d be totally on board with it.

Gets my vote.

And mine!

A pop up reporting which tracks were associated with the VSTi would be an idea, also.

That’d certainly be a timesaver for me.

Happy now, then? :wink:


Multi-out Instrument Tracks are going to make this moot. MIDI tracks are a thing of the past. Why waste development resources?

Sorry it’s off topic, but, actually guys it’s ‘losing’ not ‘loosing’

Gets my vote too (so long as we don’t expect miracles… when you change the Instrument that is loaded into a slot, please don’t expect that any setting you may have made on the original Instrument’s mixer channel will be retained :wink: )

Would be ace if it would keep any inserts you had on the instrument as well :slight_smile: