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There is definitely room for a “middle-version” of Wave Lab (as Cubase Artist). This should include:
Full CD authoring support (including DDP).
6-8 plug-in slots.
4 monitor choices.
The pro (izotope & UV) dithering plug-ins.

It could omit the high-end restoration and forensic features of the full WaveLab.

Any chance of getting the Steinberg developers to look into this.

I think it’d be smarter and likely easier for development to add some of these things to the Elements version with a slight price increase if needed.

I think that Wavelab full is reasonably priced, especially if you’re on OS X and have limited options when it comes to mastering DAWs that do what Wavelab can do.

From what I’ve read about Wavelab Elements, it seems way to crippled to do any proper album mastering when it comes to moving track markers where you’d like and exporting DDP. I understand that it’s supposed to be a basic/light version, but it seems a little too basic and light.

To me, making Elements slightly more useable would make more sense than adding a 3rd option.

I beg to differ. If Steinberg were to include all the features, the price of the Elements version would triple, at least. Look at Cubase. There are very good reasons for having three “levels”:
Cubase Elements, for hobbyists.
Cubase Artist, for serious musicians
Cubase Pro, for professionals, studios, etc.

The same would be true for WaveLab:
WaveLab Elements, for hobbyists.
WaveLab Artist, for serious musicians
WaveLab Pro, for professionals, studios, etc.

Elements is too basic, for any serious use. The full WaveLab contains so many hight-end restoration and forensic features that they actually get in the way of the workflow. An Artist version aimed at serious musicians, who need to make CD masters and prepare files for streaming services, would be most welcome.

That’s a matter of opinion. I find it very expensive! Maybe you don’t mind wasting money on features you don’t need, but I do. I can put that money to much better use. That’s the reason I haven’t wasted money on the full WaveLab. I do my mastering in Cubase (although it’s not suited for the task) and use WLE more or less as a CD burner (not being able to render DDP files, is a problem).

Rather have programming efforts directed to bringing current versions to a bug-less condition.
No further diversions please.

Mmmmm … let’s say you’ve bought WaveLab for one function, let’s say DDP; then Steinberg release an “Artist” version with DDP but at half the price. How would that make you feel?

Much happier than having to waste money on features that I don’t need. The only ones that benefit from Steinberg ignoring this important market segment are it’s competitors (Sony, etc.)

Obviously you would be happier, but everyone else who’s already invested in the full version certainly wouldn’t. You are also effectively asking that Elements be made significantly more expensive for everyone so you you can save some money.

Also, what other competing product currently offers the features you listed, and is less expensive than a full WaveLab license? (it’s OK to name it here!)
– Full CD authoring support (including DDP).
– 6-8 plug-in slots.
– 4 monitor choices.
– The pro (izotope & UV) dithering plug-ins.

Do I+ If you bother to read my postings you’d find that I request a new level (as is the case with Cubase Elements, Artist & Pro). I have never suggested that the features by added to Elements. Quite the contrary actually!

Sony Sound Forge Pro comes pretty close, for about half the price of WaveLab. Right in the ballpark for a WaveLab Artist version.

Fair enough point. I take that back! :blush:

Svenne, I don’t have an opinion one way or the other, but your statement prompted me to look at current prices. I’m seeing $500 Wavelab vs $400 Sound Forge Pro, if those are the versions you’re referring to.

For me most of the time it’s not even in the starting blocks without a montage. OTOH it has the multi-channel functionality which WaveLab is sadly missing at present and which is why I use it for some jobs. This just goes to show that there are rarely comparisons that are direct enough to be useful in general - you have to make a choice simply on what you want and what you are prepared to pay. What other people want and are prepared to pay is irrelevant to you.