[Poll] What is a simple sampler?

When you requested a “simple sample”, what did you mean?

  • A super-simple single-sample sampler. [Sampler Track]
  • A cut down version of HALion. [HALion SE]
  • Something in-between.

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Please read this before voting
This poll is intended only for those who actually requested a “simple sampler”, before Cubase 9 was released. The purpose is to ascertain whether the developers understood correctly what the requesters meant by “Simple Sampler”.

This poll will expire in 14 days.

Thanks for your help.

Well I didn’t request a sampler, but frankly I don’t see how it gets much better than Sampler Track/Ableton Sampler & Simpler if workflow is your priority. Having it right there in the UI is really nice. One of the best things about Ableton Live is being able to view/adjust plugin parameters without opening a new window and I’m glad Steinberg followed their lead on this one. Of course if you want multisamples with a zone editor or something, you might be disappointed by this, but I see Sampler Track as a concession to people who just want to load, for instance a drum sample onto a track and record a quick pattern.

However, Ableton’s simpler is quite a bit more sophisticated than Sampler Track, but who knows what Steinberg has in store for it. I’m sure it will gain more functionality as time goes on, just like Simpler has.

I think it’s very close, but a built-in slicing tool like in Groove Agent SE would finish it off.

Please guys. This poll is purely to find out if the developers interpreted the requesters intentions correctly! There are plenty of other threads where you can discuss the pro’s and con’s of Sampler Track. That’s not the issue here!

I thank you for respecting this.


i ment something like ableton simpler, Fl direct wave, Studio one sampler. A light weight sampler that holds 1 wav and 1 out put. I can’t afford cubase 9 update so i don’t know how it 's working now