POLL: Would you like to have "Ghost Notes" in the Editors?

  • I would VERY MUCH, LOVE to have this as an option!
  • I think it would be useful.
  • I don’t really care.
  • I do not think it would be useful.
  • I do NOT want this cluttering up my precious Cubase!

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I was pleasantly surprised to find out that FL Studio somewhat recently added a feature called “Ghost Notes”.

Ghost Notes are notes that you have played on separate events. So for example, if you played a C3 on your Piano track, and are now working on your Horn section or whatever, with ghost notes shown in the Key Editor, you’d see a FAINT C3 note (that you cannot edit from the Horn event) where it is placed on the Piano track, but on your Horn track. You essentially will see all your other MIDI data from all your other MIDI tracks, that share the same time placement. You use the ghost notes as a guide for faster editing/drawing.

Sometimes I forget what I played on tracks, and have to open the offending track’s Key/Drum Editor to find out what was played. This is rather annoying and ghost notes would COMPLETELY eliminate this problem.

What are your thoughts…?

Unless I am misunderstanding you, this feature already exists in Cubase 6.
Page 376 of the manual details the “currently edited part” pop-up window in the midi editor.
The icon looks like a stack of papers.

I don’t think I really need that option. You can select multiple miditracks and the one you’re editing has another color than the ones in the background. You can also use Edit In Place if you want to make edits while keeping a clear view of where you are in your project.

does the Scooby Doo “HUH”

Ummm…dang! I NEED to read the manual more thoroughly! Sorry for wasting everyone’s time!

Maybe people who, like me, didnt know about this, will now. I cant believe this!..! :laughing: :unamused: :smiley:

Cubase ucking ROCKS!

Thanks all for making my day!! :slight_smile:


Cubase just gets better and better! Im loving it! :sunglasses: