I redeemed my polymax code and went to the UA website and entered the code and all went well but the polymax stays in demo mode.?
Regards Chris

i have read about similar issues on the UADforum too often, sometimes its an ilok related issue, have you checked your ilok account, is the license properly showing there?

Thanks for your quick reply. The ilok
shows its in demo mode.
Regards Chris

Hi Chris

loos like the code validation did not properly went through, but on the UA website in your account, it already shows as purchased?

then i´m afraid you need to reach out to UA support and create a ticket in their support system :frowning:

kind regards

Hi again exoslime
I have tried to create a ticket but you get a bot that shows you faq.
Regards Chris

their damn aI bot… afaik you will need to write “create ticket” to get a ticket created

i´m using UAD plugins since 2008, but i´m really not happy with the direction they took in the last years… its all going south :(, very poor

i hope you get that issue sorted out soon, beceause the polymax is really a nice synth, i like to use it alot

Thanks exoslime for your help. I have created a ticket see what happens.
Regards Chris

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