Polyphonic Acoustic Feedback when selecting and moving notes

is this feature implemented yet ? I miss it so much from Ableton where its extremely useful

Currently Acoustic Feedback works only one note at a time when using multiple note selection, and selected note is played back only on mouse up. Also, when selecting all notes of a chord in Key Editor, and moving them with up/down keys or mouse, only one note is played.

Polyphonic Acoustic Feedback is only possible when holding Ctrl and clicking a note, at which point it plays all MIDI notes at that time, or in Chord Editing when inserting chords from list.

It would be useful if Acoustic Feedback would play all selected notes when selection rectangle hits them, and when moving selected notes with keys or mouse.

This kind of function can be tested with version 9 of Ableton Live - selecting notes in piano roll will play them. I understand this is also related to what has been called MIDI scrubbing.