Polyphonic display problem

How do I achieve what the documentation achieves below?

First set your staff to Polyphonic mode and enable only voices 1&2. (see attached picture)
Then right click on the desired note, lower one for example, and select “Move To Voice”, then Move To Voice 2.
Or, click on the lower note, hold Control, and click on the extra toolbar in the “Insert” section and click on button “2” .
And/or the next time, select first the Voice and enter the notes.


Great, thanks very much.
The polyphonic settings have “Num” (Voice number?) and “Chan” columns. I’m not sure what “Chan” refers to.

That’s the MIDI Channel of the note. When set to Polyphonic mode the SABT voices are determined by MIDI Channel. So Channel 1 will be the Soprano line, etc.