Polyphonic in one instrument


how can i write polyphonic notes in one Instrument. Like to hold a half notes while playing eights over it?

I like the way dorico works, but it need some hours to understand the differences.


It seems that using shift-V starts a new voice (read in another topic)…

Dorico is obviously very powerful, but we need a complete and synthetic manual ASAP :unamused:

Thanks a lot, it works. Only the position of the rest is not so nice, but I will learn it.

I’ve tried shift-V but can’t get started entering a new voice. Can someone provide more info? Thanks!

Put the cursor/caret where you want to start the “second” voice. Then press SHIFT-V, and check to see that the stem of the tiny indicator note is now pointing down. If it is, you can begin adding your second voice.

One of the tutorial videos on YouTube has an illustration of this.

Thank you Derrek – all OK now.

Ah - one more question. Is there a way to change the “number” of an existing voice?

If you mean to swap voice 1 and voice 2, I don’t think that exists now. Perhaps one of the Development Team will chime in and let us know.

You can’t swap voices yet, it’s planned to implement this soon though.