"Polyphonic key mode" in settings

I get an extra message when I click on the Retrologue 2 settings (gearing) icon:
“Polyphonic Key mode”
see attached picture:


What is the meaning/use of this line ? Nothing in the manual…
And btw (talking about mono/poly) you can’t assign a MIDI CC for the first 2 “buttons” Mono and Retrigger (no context-dependent menu on right click), but that’s another issue…

they have it explained in the version history pdf i guess they need to update the manual

it says Polyphonic Key Mode allows to start and end one and the same note
multiple times independently. If activated, ending one of the notes will not
end the others.

Ah! Thank you.

Am I dense or does that explanation make no sense at all? Anyone have a clue what that means?

It does not make sense if you think in terms of playing on keyboard, or with only 1 MIDI track, which is probably why it confused you.
But say you have 2 MIDI tracks playing on the same Retrologue. On the first track, record an A2 note from bar 1 to bar 4. On the second track, record an A2 note from bar 2 to bar 3. The normal behavior is that during playback of the 2 tracks you’ll hear an A2 note from bar 1 to bar 3. But the Retrologue handles it differently (if it is in POLY mode, not MONO…)
With Poly key mode OFF, the Retrologue will play the second note (starting at bar 2) on top of the first note which started at bar 1 (the sound will be 6dB louder then). However both notes will stop at bar 3.
With Poly key mode ON, you will hear the first note at bar 1, and the second note at bar 2 (louder sound), but then at bar 3 the first note will stop playing (less loud sound), while the second note will STILL PLAY, and stop at bar 4.
In other words, the plugin will “remember” that you played twice the same note (it will stack them).

Thanks Dr-Mad…that does make sense now, and you’re right, I always use instrument tracks, so this never comes up because I never have more that one track per instrument. I’ve been trying to think of a way that I can use this. Maybe have a separate track with zero velocity percussion hits (triangle or cymbal or hi hat) that would choke off the notes on the main percussion track, with the length of the tail being easily and precisely adjusted by using track delay on the track that holds the cutoff notes. I know you can do this using exclusion groups, but those aren’t always available, and your snap value would have to be extremely tight to get any kind of fine control of the tail lengths. If I ever need to try this I’ll let you know what transpires, but in the meantime, thanks for the enlightenment!